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Posted on 15th Jan 2016

Many Kik websites have fake girl profiles or you find girls on kik who doesn't respond. This won't happen again. learns you how to avoid this in some simple steps.

Tutorial to find Kik girls 

First we need to add some girls on Kik messenger. This isn't that diffucult. There are websites like which made a list of girls who wants to meet new Kik friends. This way makes it easy to find new Kik girls and have a conversation with them.

Sign up at

1.) Sign up at You need a profile to find new girls on Kik.

Find Kik girls

2.) Find some attractive and interesting girls who wants to chat on KiK. Add them on Kik messenger, so you got more KiK friends.

First message to girls

3.) Your first message to a new Kik girl is very important. The most times a humouristic message works the best. Don't use strange pickup lines, you need to differance yourself from the other boys.

Best Kik profile picture

4.) Your profile picture on Kik is crucial. This is the first impression. Don't hide anything. People who look pure and friendly are the most attractive. If you have overweight, don't hide it. Otherwise you have to tell it later.

Tips for Kik messaging

5.) If the girl on Kik isn't interested, don't punish yourself to keep texting. Just delete and search for another girl on KiK.


6.) Kik is like a speed dating app, so if you added some girls on Kik and they are not interested? Don't be disappointed. Just search for some new Kik girls on Don't worry, we got about 40.000 different Kik usernames of girls. Never give up, there are always cute girls who love the way you are.


Success with finding new Kik friends!